1/11 morning, at the National Convention Center, My Dinh, the Remote Sensing Survey Vietnam map coordinate with Geographical Society conference th Asian sensing 31. This is the 2nd Vietnam Published host.


This is the 2nd time Vietnam hosts. Nguyen Van Duc, Deputy Natural Resources and Environment Ministry, Deputy Chairman of the remote-sensing maps Surveying Vietnam attended. Attending the conference has more than 600 scientists, managers come from Asian countries and North America. The conference were Mr. Dang Hung Vo, former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Chairman Sensing Survey Vietnam map.    
This conference has a very important significance in the context of remote sensing technology in Vietnam is growing and more prosperous. At this conference the scientists Vietnam and the world will have the opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other on the advanced technology of remote sensing GIS not only in the field of natural disasters, but also in the economic activity.
Conference opening speech, Deputy Nguyen Van Duc stressed: "In recent days, we have experienced many natural disasters in many parts of Asia, such as the floods in Vietnam, Thailand; volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis in Indonesia has caused immense damage to human and environmental impact. Aware of the disaster happened I believe all of us are depressing and want to contribute to the human resource forecasting, warnings contribute to alleviate the natural disaster. "
Delegates attending the conference brought more than 400 scientific reports have value on urgent issues and hot for all countries in the world such as climate change, sea level rise and natural disasters However ... The reports on fundamental research and application of remote sensing technology, GIS, GPS, monitoring and management of environmental resources ... is presented in some detail at the conference. The participants also discussed the thematic report agriculture, forestry, urbanization and natural disasters.
This conference is a place for participants to have the conditions of cultural exchanges in science. "This is especially important for Vietnam, which has the scientific culture distinct from other Asian countries. Through this, Vietnam will have opportunity to learn from the experiences of Japan, India and China, "Dr. Geomorphology, remote sensing - GIS, Pham Van Cu, director of the International Research Center for Global Change (Hanoi National University) said. Following this conference, the scientists Canada, Switzerland will organize training courses for Vietnam knowledge in the field of optical remote sensing, radar, Lidar, a laser technology in remote sensing ...
The conference takes place within 5 days from 1 - 5/11.
In the time frame of the conference, an exhibition of remote sensing technology of the countries in the world also took place at the National Convention Centre. The exhibition attracted the participation of 16 companies from countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Japan ... Through this exhibition, the world famous manufacturers of remote sensing technology, GIS, GPS ... conditional introduce their products to the scientists, managers worldwide. According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment